The Chamber of Thesprotia was founded in 1989 with the PD FEK 19 / Α / 42 / 23.01.1989 and today has over 3,000 members.

The members are divided, based on KAD activity, into the following four sections:

Processing Department

Department of Commerce

Services Department

Department of Tourism and Transport.


The Chamber of Thesprotia also provides a number of useful services to its members for their development:

-Keeps the Register of Brands and provides licenses to practice in certain categories.

-Organizes conferences, workshops and other informative events, with the sole purpose of fully, substantially and constructively informing its members on current business and financial issues.

-Studies the Investment Programs and provides detailed information to all members.

-Researchs the modern needs of business operations and organizes training seminars for its members, for entrepreneurs and their executives.

-Organizes exhibitions and at the same time provides the opportunity to its members, free of charge, to participate in International Exhibitions and Business Missions Home and Abroad in order to promote and promote their products.

-Maintains and updates this website with useful information for its members. He has also created a website for a tourist product of the prefecture.

Sends directly and individually to each member, with their approval, all the Development Programs.

-Collaborates with the Trade Unions of the Prefecture (Associations, Federation) to resolve their sectoral demands

-Study of Prefectures and P.D. and expresses views and suggestions to each competent body

-Participates, actively, with its representatives in a large number of committees, councils and working groups at prefectural or regional level.

Claims for the benefit of its members and the Prefecture in general, by submitting proposals, objections and notifications, the resolution of problems that inhibit the development of the Prefecture.

-Keeps the General Commercial Register in the Prefecture of Thesprotia

-Operates the One Stop Service in the Prefecture of Thesprotia for the establishment and establishment of N.M. CE & EU.