OAED Until Sunday the applications for the new training program OAED - Cisco in cybersecurity


Applications for the new OAED - Cisco cybersecurity training program until Sunday


The deadline for submitting electronic applications for the new online vocational training program of OAED in cybersecurity in collaboration with CISCO expires on Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 23:59. It is recalled that after the overcrowding of the 1,000 initially offered positions, OAED and Cisco jointly decided to increase the positions to 3,000 beneficiaries. So far, more than 2,500 applications have been submitted.

The new online vocational training program for the unemployed on cybersecurity is implemented in the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation between OAED and Cisco to address the digital divide, the vocational rehabilitation of the unemployed and the strengthening of the digital economy.

The program is designed for those interested in working in the field of information technology, specializing in cybersecurity. It is offered in Greek and is provided free of charge by Cisco Hellas to OAED, in the context of corporate social responsibility. The training will be conducted through the online platform Cisco Networking Academy, while upon successful completion, the trainees will obtain a Certificate of Completion and a Digital Certificate (Digital Badge) of the knowledge and skills acquired.

The program concerns the training of unemployed registered in the OAED register, aged 18 and over, graduates of at least secondary education, with computer knowledge, according to the conditions of participation in the Call for Expressions of Interest. The submission of electronic applications for participation is done exclusively through the Unified Digital Portal of the Greek State at the address:

Specifically, the route is: → Education κές Digital Skills → Free training for the unemployed in the online program Introduction to Cyber ​​Security

For more information, those interested can visit the website of the Organization