Increased Special Purpose Compensation_Submit applications until 01.06.2021

The Chamber of Thesprotia informs that in the Government Gazette 2025 / Β / 18.05.2021 was published the No. GDOU 468 Decision of the Minister. Finance (see by clicking here) concerning the Increased special purpose compensation for the support of companies due to the appearance and spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, for the month of April 2021. In summary, the decision includes: Beneficiaries of increased special purpose compensation include private companies of all legal forms, including sole proprietorships, which cumulatively meet the following criteria: 


a) They are small or very small enterprises, 

b) have their registered office or permanent establishment in Greece and operate legally; 

(c) have an active principal Activity Code Number (CAD) on 1.4.2021, one of those described in Annex IA, or their gross income of a secondary activity active as of 1.4.2021 CAD from those described in Annex IA, as derived from the initial income tax return for the tax year 2019, are greater than the gross income corresponding to the main KAD on 1.4.2021. 

d) have submitted the income tax and VAT returns, if they were legally obliged to submit them, until the day before the entry into force of the decision, have submitted an income tax return for the tax year 2019 and all VAT returns for the period from 1 January 2019 until 31 March 2021, 

e) have submitted an income tax return for the tax year 2019, with an amount of gross income (code 047 of declaration E3) greater than zero, with the exception of companies that have started operations after October 1, 2019 for which gross income is not required be greater than zero, 

f) have not been inactive since January 1, 2019 and until the date of payment control, as shown by the data kept in the tax register of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) or by the submission of zero VAT returns (VAT) ) throughout this period,

g) the use of their VAT number for intra-Community transactions has not been suspended until the date of payment validity hereof 

h) there are no grounds for exclusion of par. 1 of article 40 of law 4488/2017 (A '137), i) have started work before 1 February 2020. 2. In addition, undertakings must not have at their disposal previous aid which has been declared incompatible by a decision of the European Commission, and in addition, at the time the aid is granted, (i) not be subject to collective insolvency or other insolvency proceedings; and ii have not received rescue aid and have not yet repaid the loan or terminated the guarantee contract and have not received restructuring aid and are still subject to a restructuring plan. 

Amplification amount The increased special purpose compensation amounts to 1,000 euros for beneficiaries who employ 0 to 5 employees on 1.4.2021, 2,000 euros for beneficiaries who employ 6 to 20 employees on 1.4.2021 and 4,000 euros for beneficiaries who employ 21 to 49 employees during on 1.4.2021, according to the data of the ERGANI system Application procedure The application for the award of compensation is submitted electronically until June 1, 2021, on the electronic platform of AADE "myBusinessSupport", which is an application of the OPS. TAXISnet of AADE ( Obligations of beneficiaries - Penalties Beneficiaries are required to maintain from 1 May 2021 to 30 June 2021 the level of employment it had on 1 May 2021 and to submit, through the online platform "myBusinessSupport", until 30 July 2021 a Single Certificate of Judicial Solvency, in accordance with instructions to be given by the DGO of the Ministry of Finance